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Carpet Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

Floor Cleaning

What are we doing:

Supportive cleaning is normal everyday cleaning. It includes washing of surfaces, ware, mirrors, baths, toilets, washbasins. Also we will change your bed linen and will use a vacuum cleaner for your carpets.

General cleaning is a deep cleaning. It includes:

  • cleaning of surfaces
  • ️cleaning of mirrors
  • ️windows
  • cleaning of wardrobes
  • folding things
  • cleaning of baths/toilets/washbasins
  • washing of furniture, ware, clothes
  • vacuuming of curtains and carpets
  • changing of a bed linen
  • ironing of you clothes;
  • cleaning of household appliances: refrigerator, microwave, stove, washing machine and kettle

+ aromatization of your home as a gift.

How do we work:

We accept the application
We go to order
We are making magic


Before ordering the services of a cleaning company, it is better to decide what kind of cleaning do you need. Supportive or general?

t’s important, because the cleaners should come to you with the equipment and the necessary means for a high-quality result. And also we can calculate exact duration of a cleaning.

There are some tips that will make it easier to assess the scale of the work:

  • Supportive cleaning keeps a home clean. It is suitable where general cleaning has already been carried out.
  • General cleaning is a deep cleaning. It is needed where:
  • supportive cleaning has not been carried out before or has been carried out for a very nobody lived at the apartments for a long time
  • you have rented or just bought a house
  • was a cleaning, but not in the most thorough way

Cleaners are not afraid of complexity! They will cope even with a domestic apocalypse :)


Ahmad Hussain

I used that service at end of my tenancy contract and they did an amazing job cleaning up after me.. They even managed to make carpet looked brand new with their professional and deep cleaning. This service is great for anyone who needs a quick and thorough clean.


Dorian Mclellan

I’ve used Crystal cleaning a few times and they’re always great. I found them trustworthy, reliable, and providing an all-round great cleaning service for a fair price. They go the extra mile, have an eye for what needs to be done, and do it very thoroughly. They’re also very nice guys. I’ll definitely go back again and again. Thanks!


Nansi Odom

Thank you for taking the time to clean my carpets in both bedrooms, it is much appreciated. I also booked a bathroom cleaning service and I am amazed at how clean my bathroom is now. All of the dirty areas are gone and I am very happy about it. I will definitely recommend your company to others. Thank you once again, I will see you soon.


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