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3 cleaning tips from the TOP cleaners in Dubai

The Top Three Mistakes Everyone Makes in Hourly Cleaning or DIY Home Cleaning

“Hello, I’m Margarita, the founder of the number one premium cleaning service. We understand what true cleanliness means, and today, I’m excited to share with you some secrets that help achieve crystal-clear cleanliness in your home.”

Mistake 1: Cleaning Out of Habit Typically, cleaning involves dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. If you’ve moved furniture around, that’s considered a big step. But why is just dusting, vacuuming, or mopping not enough? Over time, dust resettles, air conditioners spread it around, and mold or insects might appear in hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning isn’t just about removing visible dirt; it’s about eliminating unseen grime, bacteria, and odors. Our hypoallergenic and eco-friendly cleaning products ensure a safe environment for your family, including your kids and pets. Our professional equipment, combined with our cleaners’ expert skills, will transform your apartment into a paradise.

Mistake 2: Cleaning on a Time Constraint Cleaning in a hurry or setting a strict one or two-hour limit can be counterproductive. It’s better to focus on achieving a crystal-clear clean, one area at a time. Unfortunately, some cleaning services, especially those charging by the hour, might intentionally prolong the process to increase their pay. At Crystal Purity Cleaning, we believe in cleaning until the environment is 100% satisfactory, not by the clock.

Mistake 3: Cleaning Just for the Sake of Appearance The goal of cleaning isn’t just to tidy up your home in a rush for guests. It’s about creating a perfectly clean, comfortable, and cozy environment for you and your family. Respecting and caring for your home in cleanliness reflects in your thoughts, actions, work, and surroundings. A clean home paves the way for success in your business and personal life.

Our Cleaning Process: We start with dry cleaning of accessible surfaces, followed by trash removal and other necessary tasks. We then vacuum, clean floors, toilets, mirrors, and glass surfaces. For me, as an allergy sufferer, cleaning curtains and surfaces with professional steam equipment is crucial. We also perform deep cleaning of furniture and mattresses, and we don’t shy away from hard-to-reach areas. Our team meticulously cleans household appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, and even washing machines and kettles. The final steps include laundry, ironing, and changing bed linens to ensure you wake up refreshed for a successful day.

Creating Comfort and Pleasant Aromas: I personally use candles, incense, and take baths with magnesium salts for ultimate relaxation. These small touches can significantly enhance the comfort and ambiance of your home.

What challenges do you face in cleaning your home? Share your experiences and let us help you overcome them with our expert cleaning services.


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